Premier Range

PREMIER PURE (Fragranced and Unfragranced)

Premier Pure is a domestic kerosene (BS2869:C2) that is available with the inclusion of fragrance for use in environments sensitive to fuel odours.

This multi-component product guards against fuel degradation, the corrosion of metal storage tanks and association pipework, the adverse effects of fuel interaction with copper containing fittings and pipework and serves to inhibit the build-up of deposits in storage tanks.

  • Lowers carbon emissions
  • Increased fuel shelf life
  • Inhibits sludge formation
  • Reduces deposit build-up around nozzles and on heat exchanger surfaces
  • Reduces service problems
  • Improves system efficiency
  • Has a fresh fuel fragrance (fragranced version)

premier pure 1


Premier Pure Cooker is a product designed to improve the ‘burn quality’ when used in range-style cookers and boilers and/or when vaporising burners are being utilised.

  • Lowers Char value
  • Reduces build-up of carbon deposits and soot
  • Inhibits growth of deposits in fuel storage tanks
  • Minimises the potential for fuel tank corrosion
  • Increased fuel shelf life
  • Reduces service problems